Providing clean
water together

one filter at a time

Water matters initiative

Our strategy is to develop a wide and strong network of partners to help bring clean water to those in need.

The 100% model

Become a clean water provider

Removal of bacteria and protozoa

Removal of microplastics

Different ways to help



Donate to a project


Bring filters to people in need of clean water


Do you know anyone that needs access to clean water?


The dirty water

This is what the water looks like for some people. Women collects water from puddles on the ground, filled with bacterias and diseases.

The water filter

With this small water filter, a family now has the possibility of drinking clean water for over 15 years.

A few of our partners

We are so thankful for our partners that helps us getting filters out where they needs to be.



Skandinaviska Läkarbanken


Become a clean
water provider

100% of donations goes into buying water filters. By donating money you are providing clean water to a family somewhere in the world.

Swish: 123-103 38 36
Bankgiro: 5697-2532

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Do you know anyone that needs access to clean water or want to help delivering the filters to people in need?

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